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Just The Facts: Male Infertility In America

Just The Facts: Male Infertility In America

While it’s not the objective of every couple these days, building a family remains to be the top priority of the vast majority. Maybe not after the first day, nor the first month. But sooner or later, the conversation always comes up. And in most cases, at least one of the two will want to have a baby. Yet, despite remarkable technology, over 7 million American couples are currently unable to conceive. And while pop culture would have you believe it’s always due to an issue with the woman’s body, in reality that’s often not the case at all. If you’re a man and have been in a committed relationship for a while and suspect the conversation of kid may come up, or if you’ve been trying for some time to no avail, here’s what you need to know about the current state of male infertility in America.

Indicators That It’s Time To Ask A Doctor

Can’t Have Kids: To get the obvious out of the way, if you’ve been working on conceiving for more than a year, then you need to start thinking about what’s causing the delay. It could be you. It could be your wife/girlfriend. Or it could be both. Time to get some answers.

Sex Issues: Are you experiencing a sudden increase in erectile dysfunction? Especially if this is something that never really happened to you in the past, then that should be cause for concern. Also, if you’ve noticed a drop in sex drive, also referred to as low labido, then that should make you ponder. At what point did this start and why? Finally, if you notice that you have been ejaculating less than you think is normal, that could mean that you’re experiencing blockage and may require medical assistance to get things back on tracks.

Swelling (Especially On The Left Side)

If you notice that your left testicle seems to be hanging a lot lower than the right, and seems abnormally large in comparison, you may be experiencing a varicocele. This is actually the single most common cause of male infertility in the country. It’s often mild enough that men don’t even notice. It builds up over side at a rate in which most men just become accustomed to the abnormal shape and don’t think any further. So next time you take a shower, have a second look in the mirror. If you are suffering from a varicocele, Dr. Harry Fisch of NYC can give you a microsurgical varicocelectomy, which will reverse the condition, allowing you to regain your fertility in no time.

Decrease In Body Or Facial Hair

If you notice yourself growing less hair on your body or face, speak to a doctor right away. This could be the result of a number of different possible conditions, some of which cause male infertility.

Pain In The Testicular Region

Regardless of whether it’s a sharp or dull pain, it could concern you if it doesn’t go away. If you notice it getting worse later in the day, that should also be a flag. Also, if you notice that it worsens as the result of physical exertion, that’s not normal. This could also be the result of a varicocele.

A Few Options On What To Do About It

Aside from seeing a urologist, which should probably be your first move, you can also make some adjustments in your lifestyle. An improved diet can do wonders for your labido. Eating more herbs and amino acid while decreasing processed food intake may just stop your problems in their tracks. Also, while this should go without saying, stop smoking! And not just cigarettes. Some studies have found that marijuana can also impact your fertility. Also, try to get out more. A healthy exercise routine can fix a lot of mysterious physical issues that keep popping up in your life.

Dr. Harry Fisch run his practice out of New York City. He specializes in microsurgical varicocelectomy, vasectomies and vasectomy reversals. To learn more about what he can offer you, give his office a call at 212-879-0800.



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