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Is there something wrong with me if I experience multiple orgasms?

Is there something wrong with me if I experience multiple orgasms?

Matthew thinks he lasts too long during intercourse. He’ll have an orgasm after 10 to 12 minutes, but then he’ll just keep going. He says that the longest he’s lasted is 2 hours. His partner gets worn out before he’s ready to quit. How can Mathew finish faster?

Harry’s advice:

Maybe there’s something wrong with you? Maybe there’s something wrong with your watch! Seriously, though, what you’re experiencing is called delayed, or retarded, ejaculation. You’re not on any anti-depressant or medication that could be causing this, so I think you’re experiencing the number one cause of delayed ejaculation. You’re someone who is very good at masturbating. You know exactly what it takes to get yourself off when you’re alone, so you can’t recreate that experience in the bedroom with another person. If this is your problem, you need to stop masturbating.

However, Matthew, you’re telling me you don’t masturbate. You’re not currently having sex and you’re not masturbating. I don’t believe this. You must be getting off somehow. How are you getting off? You say you fool around with your girlfriend, but you don’t have intercourse. What’s the problem then? You’re still worried about having several orgasms during one sexual experience. You want to know if this means you’re sick or something.

Yes, Matthew, you’re normal. You can get off, but once you get off, you know that you can get off again so you just keep going. You should get a prize or something. Siggy Flicker, relationship expert and professional matchmaker, is here with me and thinks you’re Superman. If you’re healthy and you’re not on any medications and you can keep your erection, that means the blood flow to your penis is fantastic. The second ejaculation will take longer than the first. That’s totally normal; don’t worry about that. There’s nothing wrong with you, so congratulations.

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