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Is my shoulder pain associated with bench-pressing and dips?

Is my shoulder pain associated with bench-pressing and dips?

Andrew, 27, has been experiencing shoulder pain. He works out three to four times a week and does cardio and weights. He likes to bench press and do dips and now his shoulder hurts and he doesn’t know why or what to do. What is causing Andrew’s shoulder pain?

Harry’s advice:

The problem with bench-pressing and dips is that your bicep tendon is in the front and on the top. Particularly with dips, if you go too low you can cause tendinitis. Dips are the number one cause of tendinitis.

You want to know how you can build muscle without doing bench presses and dips, which you’ve heard me say before can cause problems. I bench press, but I don’t over do it. I could lift heavier weights, but it’s better to do more reps with less weight. You need to stop if your shoulder hurts, but when you feel better and you do them, try less weight and more reps.

Dips are the one exercise I refuse to do. I used to do them all the time, and then I developed shoulder pain and stopped. When you do dips, you shouldn’t go as low as people do. People at the gym try to show off when they do dips.

Right now you have to avoid bicep curls, bench presses, and dips until it gets better. Also, try taking an anti-inflammatory before you go to the gym. It decreases the inflammation. If that helps, then you know you have an inflammation problem and not a tendon problem.

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