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Is it really possible for a guy to masturbate too much?

Is it really possible for a guy to masturbate too much?

You always hear old wives’ tales about guys who masturbate too much-they’ll grow hairy palms or go cross-eyed. Is it really possible for a guy to masturbate too much?

Medically speaking, it’s extremely unlikely that a man will injure himself by masturbating too much. Even the most virile young penis will stop responding after a series of four or five ejaculations. After that, as they say, it’ll be like trying to hammer a nail with a fish.

Of course, it’s certainly possible to injure oneself by engaging in masturbation that involves sharp, hard, or suction-based objects or toys. An erect penis can “fracture” if it is forcibly bent. Not only is this intensely painful, but it can induce curvatures of the penis in subsequent erections (also known as Peyronie’s disease).

But there’s a potential psychological hazard to masturbation as well. Men who use masturbation as their main form of pleasure grow accustomed to the arousal states associated to solo sex. This can take a variety of forms. For example, since a man can stimulate himself exactly as he wants, he may become accustomed to a relatively rapid transition from erection to ejaculation. Rapidity, however, is often an undesirable thing when making love to a partner. A penis (and brain) that has been extensively “trained” to ejaculate rapidly during masturbation may be harder to “slow down” during real sex.

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