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‘Is it safe to get a vasectomy?’

‘Is it safe to get a vasectomy?’

Blake’s been married about ten years and has three children. He and his wife can’t afford to have any more children, but his wife doesn’t believe in using condoms. The only solution he can think of is having a vasectomy. He’s heard a lot of scary stories about men that have gotten a vasectomy, and doesn’t think it’s a safe procedure. What should he do?

My Advice:

Blake, you don’t have to worry at all about getting a vasectomy. I think a lot of your fears have come up out of a misunderstanding of what exactly is involved with having this operation. You’d be surprised how fast and painless this operation can be. And it’s the most effective form of birth control you can have.  Not only that, you’ll never have to interrupt sex to use a birth control method from now on!

Utilizing a Chinese technique, I learned how to administer vasectomies without the use of a scalpel.

The whole operation only takes about ten minutes and doesn’t cause any pain. I use a local anesthetic to numb the area being operated on, and no needles are even used. The anesthetic is applied from a spray that goes through the scrotum, right into the vas deferens, and takes effect immediately. It’s really that simple.

And let me assure you that having a vasectomy changes nothing about your sexuality.  Your erections are the same, your ejaculations are the same, your orgasms are the same, and your semen volume is the same.  Sperm make up only about 1 percent of the volume of semen, so you simply can’t even notice when the sperm are gone.

So, Blake, a vasectomy is really a great choice for any guy who is sure he doesn’t want to father children.  And, these days, it is possible to reverse the vasectomy if something changes in your life.  It’s not as quick and easy as a vasectomy, but it can be done.  Another option is to bank some semen before you have a vasectomy, which can be frozen and used in later years if you happen to change your mind later about having kids.

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