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I’m dating for the first time in 11 years and I can’t maintain an erection

I’m dating for the first time in 11 years and I can’t maintain an erection

Rick, 62, is having trouble maintaining an erection. He can get it up easily, but it dies down before he’s done using it. He was married for 11 years and now he’s been divorced for one year. He’s been dating a woman, 57, and he thinks she’s going to want to have sex with him for the first time this weekend. What can he do to get a healthy erection?

Harry’s advice:

You say you have an erection when you wake up in the morning, so I can tell you right now that your plumbing is fine. You didn’t have any problems with your erection when you were married and you don’t have any other health problems, like high blood pressure or heart disease. Erectile dysfunction is different in people with health problems the same way it’s different in younger versus older people. Even though you’re 62, you’re like a 26- year-old.

In younger people, ED tends to be stress related. You’re worried about your new relationship the way a young man would be. Also, when you wear a “wrapper” – which is a great term for it, by the way – it decreases the sensation. You should use a condom until you know everything about the woman. The anxiety and the condoms are your issues.

For anxiety-related sexual dysfunction, medication like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis tend to work really well. Either you increase the blood flow with a prescription or you don’t wear a condom. If you don’t need to use a condom with this woman, you might not have
a problem.

You tend to not have an issue getting an erection in the morning, so try to have sex in the morning rather than at night. In the morning, your stress level will be lower. Also, you should also reconsider your use of muscle relaxants. Muscle relaxants could keep you from maintaining an erection. Try not taking it on the day you think you’ll have sex, and see how that goes.

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