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I want to stop having sex until I get married…

I want to stop having sex until I get married…

Justin has been with his girlfriend for one year. They are four months from their wedding and he’s concerned about their sex life. He says that his girlfriend is a “nympho” who wants to have sex all of the time. They’re currently having sex three times a week, but he wants to stop because of his “beliefs.” How can Justin reconcile his religion with his fiancée’s sexuality?

Harry’s advice:

I’m missing something. She wants to have sex more and you want to wait for marriage? But, you’ve already had sex. You can’t wait until marriage to lose your virginity when you’ve already had sex. That doesn’t make any sense. And just because your girlfriend wants to have sex, that doesn’t make her a nymphomaniac. A nymphomaniac is someone who is addicted to sex. It doesn’t sound like your fiancée is addicted to sex. She just wants to keep the sex life you’ve had for the past year.

What are you taking about when you say that having sex before marriage goes against your “Christian values”? What “Christian values”? You’ve already had sex! You’re confusing me, you’re confusing your fiancée and you’re confusing yourself. This idea sprang up after a conversation you had with your pastor. Now, I don’t want to criticize your pastor too much, but I think he’s wrong. I can’t give you any advice but to tell you to go see a different pastor. Full respect Justin, you need to do what you feel is right for you and for your belief system. But, you can’t be a hypocrite or have it both ways. You’re not being inconsistent.

Please, keep this in mind: you’re not going to be living with your pastor; you’re going to be living with your wife. Talk to your fiancée about your beliefs. The relationship you have with your fiancée should last longer than the relationship you have with your pastor. You are your wife are going to become a team when you get married. You can either talk to your fiancée, explain the situation, and hopefully she’ll understand or you can come to some sort of compromise. Or, get married tomorrow.

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