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I want to move to a new city to be with my girlfriend, but I can’t find a job there.

I want to move to a new city to be with my girlfriend, but I can’t find a job there.

Claudie, 27, wants to move in with his girlfriend of two years. The problem is, he lives in Delaware and she lives in Miami. He wants to move to Florida to be with her, but he hasn’t been able to find a job there. He’s trained as an engineer, but he’s been working part-time jobs outside of his field to make ends meet. How can he make the move to Miami to be with his girlfriend?

Harry’s advice:

I would not move to any place without having a job. You don’t want to move to Miami and just hang around her house doing nothing. Women want security and if you don’t have a job, you can’t provide your girlfriend with that security she craves. Your relationship may go down the tubes. I’m worried that you’re going to go all the way to Miami and your relationship will fail.

However, after saying that and considering your current situation living in Delaware and working part-time jobs you’re not interested in, it might actually be worth it to take the risk and move. Get out of Delaware. You know what, you sound like a decent guy who is going to get a job in Miami. Miami is a really nice place and probably a nicer place to be looking for work than Delaware.

I want you to do two things, though. I want you to be actively looking for a job. You better look as hard as you can. Women like men who make money or whom they think will make money and be able to provide a secure future. The second, you do need to get a job. If you show up in Miami and she’s living with her parents, her parents are going to tell her that she can do better. I would get any job you can find in Miami and then immediately move there. Then, look for a job in your field of choice.

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