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I think I’m healthy, so why am I so tired?

I think I’m healthy, so why am I so tired?

Over the past six months, Dave, 27, has been experiencing an unusual level of tiredness in the afternoon and early evening. He gets tired around 2 pm and will fall asleep when he gets home from work when he’s just trying to
relax at home. He’s not overweight and he’s not usually this tired. What’s causing his sleepiness and what can he do about it?




Harry’s advice:

First, you need to get a testosterone level test. If you have low testosterone that could
be causing your excessive tiredness. Sometimes the testicles don’t produce enough
testosterone and you should get that checked out by your doctor.

Dave, your diet could also be causing tiredness. You eat a big sandwich or a
cheeseburger for lunch every day. That’s terrible for you. I want you to cut out that
lunch. No hamburgers and no bread. If I eat a cheeseburger at lunch, I will be asleep
by 2 PM as well. For lunch eat a salad with some grilled chicken or another lean meat,
steer clear of too much salad dressing because they can have a lot of fat and calories in
them, and maybe add some hardboiled egg to your salad for more protein.

The two biggest culprits when it comes to tiredness is dehydration and high fat foods. I
want you to get a reusable water bottle and drink 16 ounces of water before lunch. Eat a
little bit before you go to the gym, but don’t eat the fatty stuff. If you come away with one
thing from this, please make it my telling you to stay away from foods with fat in them.
You cut out those burgers and fatty sandwiches, you’ll have a lot more energy and won’t
feel tired in the middle of the day.

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