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I have a low sex drive and ejaculate too quickly

I have a low sex drive and ejaculate too quickly

Andrew, 30, is worried about his sex drive. He tries to be healthy by eating right and exercising, but his desire for sex has diminished drastically. When he has intercourse, he ejaculates too quickly and he loses all interest in further interaction after he ejaculates. He tried a testosterone booster, but it didn’t help. He’s divorced, currently seeing someone, and weights 270 pounds.

Harry’s advice:

The most important part of life is having someone who cares about you and being in a relationship. Being in a relationship is very important to keep one happy and healthy. Sex is a barometer of how well that relationship is going. If the woman is not happy and you’re not happy, it’s going to be hard to meet women and keep a relationship.

There are a couple of things going on here. When you weigh 270 pounds, you’re about 70 pounds over weight and you need to lose that weight in order to improve your sex life. You’ve got to stay away from breads, pizza, pasta, cookies, and cake. If you cut out the sugar and don’t eat foods with added salt, your testosterone will work better. Here’s the
bottom line: the bigger the belly, the lower the testosterone. Testosterone is important for libido. Testosterone boosters don’t work. If you have health insurance, you should get your testosterone level tested. I give people real testosterone in my practice.

The other thing is, your problem may be psychological as well. A lot of your problem may be anxiety. You may be scared to have sex because you’re worried about ejaculating too quickly. Almost 1 in 2 men ejaculate within 2 minutes of starting intercourse. Know what positions make you ejaculate quickly and avoid those positions. Look for condoms
with lidocaine and lidocaine sprays that’ll numb you a little. Anti-depressants at avery low dose can also delay ejaculation. I’m sure your girlfriend wants to orgasm too, which means you need to last longer. This will improve your relationship, and your life drastically.

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