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‘I love my girlfriend but our sex life has gone down the drain’

‘I love my girlfriend but our sex life has gone down the drain’

Anthony’s girlfriend is the one for him, but lately they’re not having the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aah’s’ like they used to. He thinks that he must be the problem. Every time they have sex, Anthony climaxes long after his girlfriend does. He is lasting about thirty minutes, and doesn’t know how to bring this time down to the amount of time it takes his girlfriend to climax. He does watch a lot of pornography, but doesn’t think that would have anything to do with this issue.

My Advice:

Anthony, you have the opposite problem of most men. You are actually lasting too long in bed! While it sounds like it might be a good thing for some men, lasting too long can be just as troublesome for a relationship as when you don’t last long enough.

I suspect the problem here is that you self-stimulate too much. Because of this, you’re taking a long time to climax with your partner. This is called retarded ejaculation, and it’s a problem because you only know how to achieve orgasm by touching your penis in a very specific way.

Your girlfriend isn’t giving you the stimulation you need to ejaculate, so you’ve become better at taking care of yourself than with her.

The first thing to try is cutting back on the porn.  If you don’t ejaculate for several days, you are going to be more sensitive and more likely to climax within a normal period of time.  Secondly, try to incorporate the kind of stimulation you need to ejaculate, into your foreplay.

Allow your girlfriend to touch you where you like touching yourself, and you’ll learn to get that same sensation when you’re alone with your partner. Do this and I promise that you’ll be able to get those ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aah’s’ back into your relationship.

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