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I feel down, how do I perk up my life?

I feel down, how do I perk up my life?

 Brian, 25, works in banking. He’s felt really down lately. Not sick, exactly, but like he has a “sick lifestyle” and isn’t acting like himself. What can he do to start feeling healthy again?


Harry’s advice:

It’s a tough time to be in banking. You started working right before the crash. You graduated from Georgetown and went to work in finance and Bam! The economy sinks and you go with it.

Do you have a girlfriend? Being in a relationship is very important. A healthy, happy relationship can  make your body healthy, too. Do you have sex often? You say you had sex once about a month ago, it was a one-night stand, but that’s not going to make you feel good about yourself in the long run. It’s critical that you have friends, too. You need to have people you can call and make a connection with, when you need someone.

You seem to be painting yourself into a corner. You don’t feel like there’s a way out, do you? Is there a job you can do with other people that are happy? If you’re miserable and you go to work with people who are miserable, you’re not going to get better. You’ve got to change jobs or do something so that you’re in an environment where people are happy and moving forward.

A girlfriend would be great. Go to a place where you’ll meet some athletic, healthy girls. Join a tennis or golf club or a running club. You need to be social to meet women your age. I have a friend who joined a church to meet women and it worked really well.

What did you enjoy doing in high school or college that you didn’t pursue as a career? You liked photography, so do that. The point is, you need something in your life that you have passion for and that you enjoy doing.

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