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I can’t last longer than three minutes in bed!

I can’t last longer than three minutes in bed!

Jack, 19, is having problems lasting long enough to please his partner during sex. He’s had about three girlfriends and had trouble lasting for longer than three or four minutes with all three of them. He’s afraid he’s going to lose his current girlfriend if he can’t figure out how to hold back. How can Jack last longer in bed?


Harry’s advice:

I can sense it in your voice, Jack, this is killing you. You’re worried that your girlfriend is going to drop you and you’ll have a hard time finding a new one. Did you know that 40% of men experience premature ejaculation. It’s the number one cause of sexual dysfunction. Does that make you feel better?

Premature ejaculation is defined as not lasting longer than two minutes during intercourse. The average is five to ten minutes, so about seven minutes is how long you should last. Women take longer to orgasm than men do, and some women never orgasm from intercourse alone. Foreplay is very important. Do you get too excited during foreplay? Instead of penetration, can you use your fingers or something else during foreplay? You may want to prolong foreplay as long as possible before intercourse.

There are things you can do other than prolonging foreplay. I’m not going to tell you to think about baseball. Baseball is the last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re with a woman. You could try Promescent. Promescent is a lidocaine spray. You spray it on your penis and the spray numbs you a bit, so you can last longer. If that doesn’t work, go to your urologist and ask for an anti-depressant. An anti-depressant at a very low dose can cause delayed ejaculation. It’s a side effect of medications like Zoloft even at very low doses, a dose so low it won’t change your mood.

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