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How reliable are STI tests?

How reliable are STI tests?

While no medical test is 100 percent accurate, clinic-based tests for STIs are certainly accurate enough to rely upon. There are many different tests for each of the different STIs. Some STIs are hard to test for if you don’t have any symptoms. Some STIs can be tested through blood work, urine tests, or saliva tests. Other STIs can only be tested by culturing a sample of body fluid from the penis, vagina, rectum, or open sore.

Home testing kits are available for HIV, herpes, Chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Most involve mailing a sample or swab to a laboratory for testing. But beware of fraudulent testing kits. Several types of unapproved home-test kits have been flagged by the FDA over the years, and more are undoubtedly available via the Internet. Ask your doctor to recommend a home test if that is what you’re interested in.

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