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How many times…

How many times…

How many times can a man at his sexual peak have intercourse in one day?

That depends on whether-or how often-he ejaculates. Men who practice Taoist sexual techniques learn to control their ejaculation in order to maintain an erection for as long as they or their partner desire. In fact, ejaculation is not considered the “goal” of sex, from a Taoist perspective, and ejaculating during every act of intercourse is discouraged. If the question is how many times can a man ejaculate in a single day…well, more than three or four, but nobody’s really studied this to my knowledge. After ejaculation, the penis usually loses some or all of its stiffness and is unresponsive to further stimulation for a period of time, known as the latency period. This can range from only a minute or so for teenagers to several hours for older men. With repeated ejaculations, the latency period lengthens until no amount of stimulation will elicit a response. When a guy hits his ultimate wall, however, is highly individual and very difficult to study scientifically.

The advent of erection-enhancing drugs such as Viagra has enabled men to “turn back the clock” to some extent, giving them a shorter latency period and allowing for more prolonged intercourse.

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