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How long can an erection last without an orgasm?

How long can an erection last without an orgasm?

What happens if a guy doesn’t have an orgasm-is there any limit to how long an erection can last if it just doesn’t happen? Eventually, he must want to pack it in and go home, right?

Maintaining an erection without ejaculating is certainly possible, and advocates of delayed ejaculation report that this state can be maintained for more than two hours with practice. But erections much longer than this are actually dangerous. Because an erection is caused by blood that is trapped in the penis, the oxygen levels in the penile tissue can become dangerously low if the erection doesn’t end. In these situations, men complain of severe pain with the prolonged erection. Such an undesired and prolonged erection, called priapism, is actually a medical emergency. Without prompt attention, irreversible damage can set in and complete impotence can result.

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