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How do I win over the girl I like?

How do I win over the girl I like?

Jamar, 32, has fallen in love with a woman who isn’t emotionally available. She’s recovering from a breakup and says that she’s not ready yet to jump into a new relationship. He’s worried that he’s too excited about her and that he’ll scare her off. What can he do to win her over?

Harry’s advice:

You’re a professional comedian? It would’ve been better if you’d told her you were a wealthy investment banker. I always tell people that women want three things: LSD. The “L” stands for Listen. Women want men to listen to them. Do not interrupt her when she’s speaking. The “D” is for Desired. You’ve got to make her feel desired by paying her compliments. Tell her you like her shoes or her hair. Finally, and most important in your situation, the “S” is for Secure. Women want to feel secure. They want to know that their guy makes money, or will make money. That “S” is what’s causing the problem.

In addition to working as a comedian, you’ve got your own business and you say you make decent money. Concentrate on that; talk to her about your entrepreneurship. You say her ex-boyfriend is an investment banker. Maybe that has something to do with the hard time she’s having getting over him. Women are like birds. They want to nest and start a family. You need to assure her that she can nest with you. You may have more of
the “L” and more of the “D” than her ex, but you don’t have enough of the “S.”

A lot of people would say a comedian is a dime a dozen. A woman wants a guy with a sense of humor, sure, but she wants security more. For example, I’m a doctor with a radio show. But, I don’t go around telling people I’m a radio show host. I’m a doctor first and foremost. You’re a businessman first and a comedian second. While you’re working at establishing yourself as a secure bet in her eyes, you should continue dating other
women. If you keep yourself open to other women while she’s not ready to commit, you won’t scare her off by being too excited.

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