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How do I lose my stomach fat?

How do I lose my stomach fat?

Latif, 30, is single and wants to meet women, but he is having a hard time losing his stomach fat. He is 5’7 and weights 190 pounds. He’d like to lose 20 of those pounds. He tries to exercise and takes vitamins, but nothing seems to be working. How can he lose 20 pounds?

Harry’s advice:

First of all, keep your expectations in check. No one at age 30 should have a six-pack. Maybe if you’re sixteen you can have a six-pack, or even an eight-pack. But if you’re 30 and you have a six-pack, it means you’re working out too much.

Vitamins might be good for you in general, but they’re not going to help you lose weight. The only way to lose weight is diet and exercise. You ready to hear my diet? Drumroll please. No breads, pizza, pasta, cookies or cake.

I hear the disappointment in your voice. That’s what you eat right? Do you love pizza? It’s the starches that are getting to you. Well, you’ve got to cut those foods out and you’ve got to cut out the added salts and the added sugars that are in so many foods, especially processed food and fast food.

Eat oatmeal with nuts for breakfast, eat a salad with some lean meat for lunch, you can even eat steak, you can eat eggs, drink milk, eat fruits and vegetables. Just don’t eat breads, pizza, pasta, cookies or cake. If you’re going to eat carbs, make them multi-grain carbs, okay?

Can you do that? It’s all just habit. Just think about what you’ll look like without that belly. Women will flock to you. It’s worth it. The food is not.

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