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How do I get over my weight-loss plateau?

How do I get over my weight-loss plateau?

Scott is 6’4” and once weighed more than 400 pounds. Since he was diagnosed with
diabetes, he’s managed to lose more than 100 pounds—he’s down to about 285, and
he exercises regularly. But, now he says he’s hit a wall—can’t seem to lose more
weight. He’s depressed and this and is starting to go back to his old, un-healthy eating
habits. What can he do to get back on track?

Harry’s advice:

Holy smokes! First of all, congratulations on losing those 120 pounds. That’s really
great. And I’m glad you called, because I’ve got some advice that may help you lose
even more weight and feel even better.

There’s something I talk about in my book, The Male Biological Clock, and that’s
testosterone. I want you to get your testosterone checked out by a doctor. Your
depression might be related, in part, to low testosterone. Same with your weight-loss
plateau. There’s no biological reason you can’t lose more weight—but you won’t be able
to do that if you’re feeling tired and depressed. If you do have low testosterone, a short-
term course of testosterone replacement therapy might kick-start you in a helpful way.

But regardless of your testosterone level, you gotta stop eating junk. Cut out salt and
sugar from your diet. Stay away from fried foods. Stay away from those McDonald’s
hamburgers. Or, if you do find yourself eating a hamburger, just eat the hamburger
without the bun. Stick to protein, avoid the carbs—that’s pasta, bread, cookies, candy.

Scott, you would actually be a fantastic candidate to try a vegan diet. Vegan means just
plants—fruits, grains, and vegetables. I’m serious. It’s not a crazy thing to do and can
actually be delicious. Try doing it two days a week. Do it with your wife. Think of it like
a hobby. Check out the book The Veganist by Kathy Freston. You’ll be shocked at how
good you feel when you eat like a vegan. And you might find that you’ll lose weight and
your diabetes vanishes.


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