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How do I gain weight and pack on muscle?

How do I gain weight and pack on muscle?

Troy wants to become a professional wrestler. He is 5’9 and his weight fluctuates between 180 and 190 pounds. When he wants to cut weight, he creates a “sauna suit” for himself and he goes running, but now he wants to gain weight and turn that new weight into muscle. He eats roast chicken three to four times a week and runs three to four miles a day, but every once in a while he eats a quarter-pounder at McDonald’s. He wants to know, what should he eat to gain muscle?

Harry’s advice:

That quarter-pounder is fine because eating something you’re craving every once in a while is fine when you’re on a diet. You need to give your body what it’s craving or you won’t be able to stay on the diet. I’ve heard that you should diet for six days out of the week and then eat whatever you want on the seventh.

People ask me if they should take protein powder if they want to gain muscle mass. I tell them, absolutely not. Do not have powdered protein. Eat more foods if you want to get more protein in your diet. Lean hamburger meat or lean steak has a tremendous amount of protein in it. Protein powder can cause stomach problems and also weight loss, which is the opposite of what you want.

How much protein you need depends on how much you work out. If you work out four to five times a week for 60 minutes or longer, you need .55 grams of protein per pound. That means if you weigh 180 pounds, you need about 95 grams of protein per day.

Here’s how you gain weight… you eat more. Eat protein before you work out and after. Here’s what I suggest to guys who want to pack on muscle. Number one: water. You need to stay hydrated. Number two: eggs. Eggs have the highest biological value of any protein. Third is yogurt because yogurt has an ideal combination of protein and carbs. Fourth: steak and beef. Steak and beef are loaded with creatine. Number five is salmon
because salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which decrease muscle-protein breakdown. Number six is olive oil, which also decrease muscle breakdown. And sleep. You need eight to nine hours of sleep a night. Your body makes testosterone when you sleep and if you don’t sleep, you will be too tired and have too low testosterone to work out.

Troy, remember what I told you and you should be able to gain some weight. Eat more protein, drink lots of fluids, eat good foods, and drink full-fat milk. But, please, keep in mind that not every guy is destined to be 200 pounds of muscle.

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