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How do I ease my neuropathy pain?

How do I ease my neuropathy pain?

Raymond, 70, has a problem with his feet and his ankles. He doesn’t feel pain while he’s walking, but when he gets off his feet he feels a burning and aching in them. He’s been told by doctors that he has neuropathy but he doesn’t experience any other pain. What can Raymond do to ease the pain of his neuropathy?

Harry’s advice:

Neuropathy just means constriction of the nerve. Damage to a nerve or group of nerves is called neuropathy or mononeuropathy. Neuropathy can cause that nerve to lose function, sensation or movement. It’s usually caused by an injury or repeated pressure on the nerve.

It sounds like you may have arthritis with impingement of the nerve. You most likely have inflammation around the nerve. Taking an anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medication like Motrin is the way to go. You can try a buffered aspirin, like Ecotrin, to help with inflammation. A buffered aspirin won’t hurt your stomach and if you take it every day, it’ll help with inflammation and it’s great for your heart, too.

In addition to taking an anti-inflammatory, you should try stretching your ankle. Taking a towel and wrap it under your foot and then hold on to each end. Stretch your foot so your heel points to the floor and your toes point up toward you. This will help ease the pain in your foot.

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