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‘How do I talk to women?’

‘How do I talk to women?’

Growing up, John was extremely overweight and never talked to girls. Kids made fun of him and it really took a toll on his mental well-being. He’s an adult now and has dropped a lot of weight — down to 180 pounds. Now he doesn’t know how to talk to women because he has no experience.

My advice:

John, here’s how to talk to a woman: let them talk. Women love to talk. For a woman, the ideal conversation is one in which she talks for 85 percent of the time and you talk for 15 percent of the time.

Don’t interrupt women when they’re talking. It’s absolutely true. Here’s how you know when a woman stops talking: her lips stop moving. I’m telling you, that’s gold. That’s money in the bank. Never interrupt a woman while she’s talking or you’ll immediately get on her bad side.

Women are looking for more of an emotional connection, whereas you’re undoubtedly looking for more of a physical one. That’s fine as long as you know this about them. Now that I’ve told you this, you’ve got an advantage. You need to learn how to make emotional connections with women.

The place to meet women is somewhere where you are both doing something you like in common. Join a club, volunteer, play tennis, something like that. That way you can strike up a conversation about a shared interest.

John, go find an activity you love to do. Like I said, volunteer somewhere, pick an activity you enjoy that involves other people, participate in an organization. Then, you’ll find women who love to do the same thing. For me, it’s tennis. If I weren’t married, I’d meet a woman on the tennis courts. Figure out what your version of tennis is, and do it.

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