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‘How do I make up for my lack of sexual experience?’

‘How do I make up for my lack of sexual experience?’

Twenty-one-year-old Christian recently lost his virginity. The relationship in which he had is first sexual experience is now over and he’s worried about his lack of experience. What can he do to make up for his inexperience in the bedroom?

My Advice

My high school football coach used to say, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” It’s quality not quantity that’s important. Just because you have sex a lot doesn’t mean you’re a good lover. So, the number of partners you’ve had isn’t what’s important; it’s how you treat your partner that’s important.

If you want to know some of the facts about sex and sexual health, pick up a copy of the book I wrote on it. It’s called Size Matters. During the relationship hour of my show, I have a sidekick who is a relationship expert. She talks about what a guy needs to do to be good in bed. She says women need 3 things from a guy: L.S.D. Listen, Secure, Desirable.

1) Listen. Really pay attention to her. Don’t interrupt her or talk over her. Also, text her every now and then. Keep in touch. But, don’t turn into a stalker.

2) Secure. Make her feel secure and comfortable. Confidence goes along with this. Women like men who are confident.

3) Desirable. Make her feel desirable. Compliment her. Don’t go overboard, but if she’s wearing something new, say something nice about it. A new scarf, a new dress, new shoes. Women love shoes, don’t they? Tell her, “Those new shoes are great.”

You sound like a nice guy, you’re in college, you’ve got a job, you’ll do just fine. There are lots of great women out there. You’ll do great, I guarantee it.

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