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‘How do I get my girlfriend to lose weight?’

‘How do I get my girlfriend to lose weight?’

Timothy’s girlfriend gained weight over the holidays. He wants her to lose the extra pounds, but he’s afraid that if he tells her he’ll lose her. How can Timothy tell his girlfriend to slim down?

Harry’s advice:

Timothy, you’re not going to lose her. You just have to know how to tell her. You tell her to lose weight directly, she’ll kill you. But, there is a way to indirectly tell her to lose her holiday pounds.

The bottom line is you start doing things with her that you don’t normally do. Start exercising together. I exercise with my wife every Wednesday morning. We also exercise on our own, but we make it a couple’s activity as well. The best thing to do is make your girlfriend your work-out buddy.

She needs to be on the elliptical 4 to 5 times a week. She should start to eat less, too. No woman wants to be told, “That dress looks a little tight on you. Have you gained a few extra pounds?” Bullets will come after you. You cannot ever tell a woman she looks fat. You tell a woman you like her new dress or her shoes. You do not ever tell her she looks like she gained weight.

Join a gym with her. Tell her about the nice facilities, the sauna. Make it sound like a fun, romantic activity.

You’ve got to follow the Dr. Fisch rule on how to treat women. It’s called LSD: Listen, Secure, Desirable. Listen to her. You’ve got to make her secure, both financially and emotionally. And you’ve got to make her feel desirable. That means you don’t say, “You look fat today.” You screw those up or tell her she looks fat, you’ll definitely lose her.

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