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How do I examine myself to check for testicular cancer?

How do I examine myself to check for testicular cancer?

If you feel a lump in your testicles, you really need to see your doctor right away. I was reminded of this from this guy I had in my office this week. He had a lump on his testicles that was so big, it felt like a softball. He waited way too long to see me. Now he needs to have one of his testicles removed.

Testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for men between ages 20 to 40. Fortunately, it’s a very curable disease, but the sooner it’s detected, the better. That’s why guys should regularly check themselves out.

Each testicle should be about the size of a walnut, (hence the term ‘nuts’). The texture should be smooth like a plum. If you feel a hardness anywhere, like a knuckle, that’s not normal. You should go right to the doctor. It may not be cancer, (other issues that can cause the testicles to feel irregular are epididymitis or a varicocele for instance), but you don’t want to take that chance either.

About 1 in every 270 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer. Not a huge number but if you have a history of testicular cancer, or had a undescended testicle, you have a 1 in 25 chance of developing testicular cancer sometime in your life.

The most important thing here is that we do not want you having a cancer that is easily treatable. So be sure and get yourself checked out before it’s too late.

Want to learn how to do a self-exam? Find out here.

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