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How can premature ejaculation be cured so I can last longer in bed?

How can premature ejaculation be cured so I can last longer in bed?

Premature ejaculation isn’t anything new, but many moons ago when our ancestors were still wearing loin cloths and gathering berries to survive another day in a hostile environment, it wasn’t exactly a pressing matter.

Sex had to be quick and productive. Their priority was not sensual foreplay and deliciously drawn-out sex marathons. All they had time for was a quick romp in the bushes in between keeping an eye out for that deadly predator that could wipe them out in an instant.

Nowadays we have the luxury to take our time and really concentrate on pleasuring each other. However, pleasure can be elusive for couples when ejaculation issues get in the way.

Premature ejaculation is the number one sexual dysfunction that couples experience today. A whopping 40% of men ejaculate before a woman is ready for him to come, creating disappointment and a lot of frustration within what is often an otherwise healthy relationship.

The statistics aren’t great, but this doesn’t need to distress you because Dr Fisch is here to help. Being the world renowned urologist that he is, Dr Fisch has developed a groundbreaking new product that will help you and your partner reach new levels of ecstasy in the bedroom (or on the kitchen floor… whatever you prefer). But what is this magical item, you may ask? Preboost.

Preboost comes in a little wipe form and desensitizes the penis. It’s not a spray and it’s not a gimmick; you just wipe a little bit on your penis and it makes you last longer. The active ingredient in Preboost wipes is the desensitizing compound benzocaine, a mild anesthetic that has been used on the skin in medical procedures for over a century.

Preboost allows you to have control over your ejaculation; meaning you can take your time to ensure you and your partner experience the mind-blowing orgasms you both deserve.

You can see more information about Preboost and buy the sex life-saving product here.


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