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How can I feel like a man with just one testicle?

How can I feel like a man with just one testicle?

Rick, 32, had testicular cancer. He went through chemotherapy and eventually had to have one testicle removed. Since he had it removed, he hasn’t felt the same. He thinks he lacks the confidence he once had. How can he feel like a man again with just one testicle?

Harry’s advice:

Let me get this straight, you had testicular cancer and they waited a year to remove the testicle? That could be a factor in why you needed chemotherapy. You couldn’t afford to get your testicle removed and the hospital wouldn’t help you out? That’s unbelievable. That sickens me. If you’d gotten the testicle removed right away, you probably would’ve been fine. You must be happy about the healthcare overhaul so things like that won’t happen in this country anymore.

In order to pay for the chemo, your wife started stripping. That’s really awful. To top off your cancer, your wife is stripping. That would definitely make anyone feel less like a man.

Just so you know, for a little medical information, the testicle makes testosterone. Two testicles are important, but when one is removed, the other one will kick into high gear to produce the same amount of testosterone. So, your testosterone level should be the same with one testicle or two. Just in case, you should get a testosterone level done to see if your testosterone is where it should be.

If you feel self-conscious about the way you look with just one testicle, you can always get a prosthesis put in. Any urologist can put in a silicone or saline testicle prosthesis. It’s totally safe and it feels like a normal testicle. It’s actually a really easy procedure. The prosthesis sounds like it may solve your problem.

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