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How can I exercise when I have asthma?

How can I exercise when I have asthma?

Chris, 22, has suffered from severe asthma his entire life. He wants to workout and get in shape, but whenever he exercises, even gently, he has an attack and starts wheezing. How can he get into shape without aggravating his asthma?

Harry’s advice:

You weigh about 195 pounds and you’re only 5’5”, so you need to lose 30 to 40 pounds. You’re also using your inhaler two or three times a day, which is way too often. If you’re needing your inhaler that often, you may need to take a low-dose steroid every day to open up your airways and help you breathe. Your asthma and your weight are killing you and you’re killing me by saying you use

your inhaler three times a day. You were scared off Advair from reports a few years ago that it could kill you. I wouldn’t worry about scary news stories if I were you. Go back to your doctor and tell him or her that you’re using your inhaler too much. If your doctor suggests Advair, I would go on it.

As for your weight, you need to cut out breads, pizza, pasta, cookies and cake. Stay away from even whole wheat pasta until you’ve cut thirty or forty pounds. No negotiations. They’re fillers that aren’t good. Eat quinoa instead of pasta. Eat oatmeal for breakfast, eat salad with lean chicken or pork for lunch, and eat fruits and vegetables. Have healthy snacks every few hours with no added salt or sugar.

If you start eating healthy and taking medication for your asthma, you’ll be able to exercise. Eating better with help you lose pounds and will help boost your energy so that you can workout harder for longer. A medication like Advair will help open up your air passages so you can breathe when you’re at the gym.

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