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How can I alleviate my shoulder pain while still doing my workouts?

How can I alleviate my shoulder pain while still doing my workouts?

Dennis, 32, has been experiencing a lot of shoulder pain lately. For ten to fifteen years he was doing heavy weight lifting and now his shoulders ache constantly. How can he alleviate his shoulder pain while continuing his workouts?

Harry’s advice:

Heavy weight lifting and bench presses aren’t good for your body. Overhead presses and bench presses will kill your muscles and dips will cause tendinitis. You’ve got to stay away from these types of exercises. Instead of working on your shoulders, give them a rest and work on your legs and your core instead. Stay away from any activity that has you pressing weights up, okay?

Have you tried Anatabloc? They’re one of my sponsors and they’ll send you a free trial if you call 1-800-592-4980. Anatabloc is a supplement that works with your body’s natural ability to regulate inflammation. It’s made up of Vitamin A, D3 and anatabine, an alkaloid found in nature. Studies show that these supplements obstruct pro inflammatory pathways, which helps your body lower inflammation. Thankfully it does not require a prescription.

It may sound a little odd, but you may also want to try acupuncture. The National Institute of Health has been doing studies on chronic pain, particularly in veterans. They’ve found that acupuncture helps quite a bit.It’s great that you’re working out and staying fit, but too much exercise is no good. You’ll end up doing damage to your body that may be irreparable, and then you won’t be able to exercise at all. So try the remedies I’ve suggested and please, be more careful during your workouts by not putting strain on already sore muscles.

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