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How can I achieve a better erection when I have Peyronie’s disease?

How can I achieve a better erection when I have Peyronie’s disease?

John, 60, is overweight with high cholesterol and a 42-inch waist. He was diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease. Fibrous scar tissue developed under the skin of his penis, causing curvature. He can no longer get a full erection and only has sex with his wife a few times a month. He wants to know, is there anything he can do to get his penis back in working order?


Harry’s advice:

You’re overweight and you have Peyronie’s, but it’s probably your inability to have sex when you want to that’s killing you. Not having sex effects your relationship and your psyche. Let’s go over a couple things. You need to drop about 40 pounds. Your waist is probably more like 50 inches if you measure right at the belly button. That’s really bad. The bigger the waist, the more problems with erectile function.

You need to get a testosterone level test. If your testosterone is low, you won’t be able to have sex or exercise as well as you could. I give testosterone to patients when their level is low so they’ll be able to workout more. You also need to cut out breads, pizza, pasta, cookies and cake from your diet. You’re pre-diabetic and could have a heart attack. You’re in a 9-11 emergency right now, John.

Peyronie’s is usually seen in men over 50. We’re not exactly sure what causes it, but one of the leading theories is that Peyronie’s comes from trauma to the penis which occurs when you have sex with a partial erection. If your penis is so curved that you can’t have sex, you need to have surgery. Otherwise, you just need more blood flow to your penis. You can try all sorts of anti-oxidants, but the thing that works the best is Cialis. Cialis in a low dose has been shown to increase blood flow to the penis and helps with urination. I want you to take it daily.

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