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‘I stayed in a hot tub too long, now I can’t feel my testicles!’

‘I stayed in a hot tub too long, now I can’t feel my testicles!’

Carter was at a bachelor party last weekend, and ended up drinking alcohol in a hot tub for well over an hour. Now, he’s noticing that his testicles are feeling numb and he’s concerned he’s done damage to his scrotum and wants to know if Harry can help him figure out what he should do next.

My Advice:

Carter, your testosterone levels and sperm counts go straight down when you’re in a hot tub for more than five minutes, much less an hour.  Here’s why: your testicles work best when they’re cooler than body temperature…that’s why they hang outside of the body instead of being tucked up inside, like a woman’s ovaries are.  High temperatures, whether from a hot tub, a fever, or even just using a laptop on your lap for long periods of time, will temporarily shut down the sperm-making cells in your testicles.  That’s why I tell people who are trying to have a baby to avoid hot tubs.

So you probably did some damage, but you’re a young guy and this kind of thing is usually reversible. Still, you should go to the doctor and ask to get your testosterone level checked. It may take awhile to come back, but you need to get levels checked out to make sure everything’s where it should be.

But, Carter, you’ve got some other issues going on there that are making things worse. You say you were drinking and passed out during this experience.  That means you had way too much alcohol and, as a result, you really over-heated your body.  Honestly, that’s a very dangerous thing to do and if you had any kinds of heart problems you might have died—our you could have simply drowned.  It happens.

You were probably really dehydrated, from the combination of alcohol and the heat from the tub, which is probably why you felt so tired for a couple of days afterward.  While you’re at the doctor’s office you might want to get your sodium and potassium levels checked as well.

A quick way to check for dehydration is to note the color of your urine.  The darker it is, the more likely you are to be dehydrated.  You want your urine to be a pale yellow, not golden or brownish.  If you stay away from the booze, drink plenty of water, and avoid more hot tubs, you should be fine in a day or so.  But you might think about looking for some new friends, because no one should have left you unconscious in a hot tub for that long.

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