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Supporting Excellence, Innovation and Advocacy in Men’s Health

When it comes to health, men and women are anything but equal. Men, in general, are simply less healthy than women. For example, new data from the American Cancer Society show that 1 out of every 2 men will develop cancer over the course of their lifetime. The figure for women is 1 out of 3, a 20% lower risk. Cancer also kills more men every year (about 300,000) than women (about 270,000). And the statistics for breast cancer and prostate cancer are very similar, although much more media and public relations attention is paid to breast cancer.

But the issue is larger than cancer. On average, a women can expect to live 5 years longer than a man. About twice as many men as women die each year from heart attacks. And the rates of other major diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and chronic lung disease are all higher for men. Such statistics amount to a clarion call for a new level of attention to the issue of men’s health. Men need—and deserve—better preventive strategies, better diagnosis, and better treatments for the disease conditions they face. Men also need to be educated about the many steps they can take to improve their health and longevity.

The Harry Fisch Research Fund, Inc.

The Harry Fisch Research Fund, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to improving men’s health and reducing the current health disparities between men and women. In 1990, Dr. Harry Fisch established one of the first organizations in New York City to cater specifically to the needs of men: The Male Reproductive Center. Although the Center began with a narrow focus on infertility and reproductive problems, Dr. Fisch has widened the scope over the years because he recognizes that most disease states affect—and are affected by—the health and integrity of a man’s entire mind and body.

Dr. Fisch is now committed to building the Research Fund in order to propel a wide ranging agenda of research, advocacy, and public information aimed at raising awareness, changing policy, and improving health care for men. Specific objectives of the fund include:

• The pursuit of new and innovative treatments.
• Identification of risk factors to allow early interventions and disease prevention strategies.
• Research into the validity and efficacy of integrative medicine practices.
• Dissemination of research findings to the health care community and the public  through scientific publications and a new website.
• To support innovative and promising scientific ideas with initial funding for pilot projects. The findings obtained through this early research will then serve as the basis for larger grant applications to governmental and other peer reviewed sources for continued funding.


Dr. Harry Fisch

Dr. Harry Fisch is a leading urologic microsurgeon and investigator in the epidemiology and mechanisms of infertility and reproduction, male aging and urological cancer. He is a Clinical Professor of Urology and Reproductive Medicine at the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College and an international leader in the field of Men’s Health. Dr. Fisch’s clinical interests include treating men with hormonal and reproductive abnormalities, adolescents with disorders associated with future infertility or impaired fertility, and fertility preservation in children undergoing chemotherapy. New York Magazine and America’s Top Doctors have each named Dr. Fisch as one of their Best Doctors for the past ten years. Dr. Fisch is also at the forefront of efforts to raise the public consciousness of men’s health issues. He is the host of the first-ever national radio talk show devoted exclusively to men’s health. The associated website, www.manupabouthealth.com is becoming increasingly popular as a source of information for a wide range of men’s health issues.

In addition, Dr. Fisch and his Center colleagues devote time to publishing in lay media and to serving as medical expert commentators. For example, recent findings by Dr. Fisch and his colleagues on the male biological clock were first published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. These works were then covered extensively in the lay press and the media, with articles in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other publications, and with national and local television news pieces  on ABC, CBS, NBC’s Today Show, CNN, WOR, and FOX. In 2006, Simon and  Schuster published Dr. Fisch’s first book for a lay audience, The Male Biological Clock.  In 2008, Three Rivers Press published his second book, Size Matters. Dr. Fisch  regularly appears on the syndicated Doctor Oz Show speaking about his research and  matters affecting a man’s health.


Private and foundation funding are essential to undertake new research into the risk factors, treatments and prevention of reproductive and men’s health disorders. By contributing to the Harry Fisch Research Fund, donors have an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world of healthcare. Benefactors will support vital research as well as the communication and outreach efforts required to translate research findings into private and public decisions that will influence governmental policy and improve health for patients worldwide.