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5 numbers you need to know for healthy living

5 numbers you need to know for healthy living

Everywhere I look, there are people wearing pink to advocate for breast cancer research and it’s all over the news, but no one is talking about killers of men.

The number one killer of men is heart disease. But, too many men are scared of going to the doctor. They’re afraid the doctor is going to find something that’s going to make them less of a man. The truth is, we doctors are here to help you.

As a doctor, I want you to be in control of your health. There’s one thing I want you to know when you go to the doctor and it’s really very simple; I call it ‘the five numbers.’ To be in control of your health, there are five numbers you need to know. Next time you go to your doctor, say “Hey, doc, these are the things I want to know.”

You need to know what your glucose is, which tests for diabetes. You need to know your blood pressure, high blood pressure is a killer. You need to know your cholesterol because high cholesterol is an indicator of heart disease and like I said before, heart disease is the number one killer of men.

You need to know your testosterone level, which is the male hormone. Low testosterone means you’re tired all the time, you’re probably overweight, and you could be diabetic.

The last number you need to know is your PSA, your prostate-specific antigen.

There’s controversy right now over how helpful the PSA test is. It’s super helpful if you know how to use it. Go to your urologist for your PSA. It turns out your PSA goes up not just from cancer, but also from infections, and enlargements.

Guys, if you’re getting up frequently in the night to urinate, you either have an infection or an enlarged prostate.

So, remember the five numbers. Remember to see your doctor regularly to find out your five numbers. And remember that heart disease is the leading killer of men, but if you go to the doctor, it doesn’t have to kill you, too.

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