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Finding the best birth control method for you

Finding the best birth control method for you

We are responsible for our own fertility and contraception use. Most men use condoms for birth control, assuming this form of contraception is enough to prevent most pregnancy worries.

However, did you know the failure rate of condoms is about 2 percent? This is a fairly high percentage, and doesn’t at all guarantee protection.

You’re always running a risk when having sex — especially when it comes to sexually transmitted infections. But when it comes to contraception, utilizing a birth control regimen (and a vasectomy if you don’t want any children) are your safest bets.

Some people don’t like using contraception due to religious reasons, so they’ll time intercourse around the woman’s ovulation cycle. However, although most women tend to ovulate in the middle of their cycle, this isn’t necessarily the case. So its very important to know exactly when ovulation occurs.

Women can take their temperatures, as this number will rise right at ovulation. This technique is general at best, and so is a fairly unreliable form of birth control.

Another method used by a lot of people is the withdrawal method. In this method you withdraw your penis from the vagina just before ejaculation. The problem with this method is it causes pregnancies about 4 percent of the time. This is because about a third of men produce sperm before they ejaculate.

When people think about more drastic measures toward effective birth control, a lot of men feel that women should have tubal ligation. But did you know the failure rate of this procedure is 3 percent?

Do you know what the failure rate of a vasectomy is? It is 0.1 percent — that is 1 in 1000. So if you’re looking for an almost completely guaranteed means to safely protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, then getting a vasectomy is your best option.

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