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Females Choose Sexier Friends on Purpose!

Females Choose Sexier Friends on Purpose!

Ever been walking down the street and see a group of women, each one more beautiful than the next?

It may be because they’re trying to hang out with more sexually attractive women to avoid you!

According to a new study, females choose friends who are more sexually attractive than them.

Analyzing the habits of the Trinidadian guppy, a species of small freshwater fish, researchers found that women pick friends that are relatively more attractive than themselves to reduce harassment from males.

The researchers, lead by Dr. Safi Darden, identified females that were receptive to male sexual attention and which were not. They found those that were non-receptive spent significantly more time with receptive – and therefore more sexually attractive females. By doing this they received less attention from males.

You might be saying to yourself – what do guppies have to do with humans?

Well the researchers acknowledge not much, but the study authors said it’s likely these habits can be found in other animals and possibly humans.

“Our results support the idea that social structure can develop around relative attractiveness and mating strategies,” said Darden. “Although we focused our study on one species of fish, I would expect that this strategy would be seen in other species where females face similar levels of unwanted sexual attention from males.”

On the opposite end, Darden found males were more likely to associate with less attractive males to increase their chances of mating.

Study findings were published online in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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