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‘Is it safe to buy erection medications on the internet?’

‘Is it safe to buy erection medications on the internet?’

Rich, 36, had back surgery earlier this year, and is experiencing erectile dysfunction. He has seen drugs like Cialis and Viagra advertised online, but he isn’t sure if this is a safe way to go. Should he be spending his money here, or seeing his doctor?


My Advice:

Rich, these sites are dangerous and should definitely not be trusted. First of all, it’s illegal to sell prescribed medications over the internet. Somehow these sites are able to make it through, but that doesn’t make them safe.

Google recently paid a $500 million forfeiture for running ads from Canadian pharmacies who were selling medications to US citizens. That may stop some of the ads, but there are still plenty of other people out there peddling medications of unknown quality.

A lot of these medications come from India, or other countries where there is no regulations on drug prescriptions. Furthermore, a lot of these drugs may contain only a fraction of the real ingredients. In fact, a lot of these medications don’t even contain any of the active ingredients you’re paying for. So you end up getting ripped off while giving a complete stranger access to your credit card information. This problem is pervasive, and I urge you not to purchase anything from these sites.

Most importantly for you, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, this can be a sign of a major health issue such as high blood pressure or diabetes. In your case, it may or may not be related to your spinal fusion surgery, so you should see a doctor and get fully evaluated before deciding if you really need the erection-enhancing drugs.

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