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‘My husband is having problems in bed. What medicine should he be taking to maintain a healthy and safe sex life?’

‘My husband is having problems in bed. What medicine should he be taking to maintain a healthy and safe sex life?’

Sally’s 60, and her husband is 62. He takes Viagra to help maintain his erections during sex. But Sally’s concern is that he may be taking too many, and perhaps should stick with a pill that only needs to be taken a couple times a week, versus one that has to be taken daily. What kinds of erection-enhancing medicines should he use?

My advice:

Sally, at your age, if you’re still having an active sex life, you’re doing great! The fact that you’re having sex 2 or 3 times a week is a very good sign for both you and your husband. I always say, sex is the barometer of a healthy relationship, and it sounds to me like you’re still doing quite well!

So, you’re asking what the difference is between a pill, such as Viagra, that you take only when you want to have sex (and no more than once a day), and those pills you take less often. Cialis, for example, can be taken in the same manner as Viagra, but its effect lasts up to 36 hours, as opposed to about 4 hours for both Viagra and Levitra. Both Cialis and Levitra, however, can be administered at 20 milligrams for consumption at just once a week, with equally positive results. So in terms of effectiveness, both treatment cycles work well.

In your case, a daily pill may be preferable, as a lot of older men find that when they take a daily pill they’re also able to urinate better. Daily pills also help provide a degree of spontaneity to the relationship, since you don’t have to plan in advance when to take a pill.

Whatever the case, as long as your husband is otherwise in good health (i.e. he’s not obese, doesn’t smoke, and is eating right), it sounds to me like you two are on the right track. Maintaining a quality sex life at your age is excellent and will guarantee you folks many more years of enjoyment together.

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