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Equipment incompatibility?

Equipment incompatibility?

Is there such thing as equipment compatibility-or non compatibility? You know, a penis that just can’t fit in a vagina no matter how much chemistry exists out of bed?

Harry’s advice:

Yes. There are ranges in sizes of both penises and vaginas, and some fits are better than others. If the penis is relatively too big for a small vagina, you’ll get equipment non compatibility. The penis may be a perfectly normal size, but if the vagina is small, it will hurt. This is common as women age and a condition called atrophic vaginitis occurs. In this condition, the lack of estrogen actually makes the vagina less elastic and therefore essentially “smaller.” In this case, it can help to increase the lubricants. In general, however, most vaginas are very accommodating, especially when the woman is turned on, and most can handle all sizes-but only when lubricated! I can’t stress enough that, if foreplay is too short and the lubrication is not there, the vagina will not accommodate a penis of any size without pain.

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