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Does less hair equal more testosterone?

Does less hair equal more testosterone?

Is it true, by some feat of biological justice, hair-free men have higher testosterone levels?


Ever since the Samson myth, there seems to have been a connection between hairiness and testosterone-fueled machismo. So it’s a little surprising that science has found a clear association between a lack of hair and higher levels of testosterone. It turns out that hair follicles (on the head, at least) respond to the levels of two male hormones, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). But the hormones inhibit the follicles rather than stimulate them. Several studies have found a correlation between higher levels of these hormones, particularly DHT, and tendency toward male-pattern baldness-that’s the “classic” type in which the hairline recedes for the forehead and from the top of the head down.

The connection between testosterone and hair loss can also be seen in the side effects of some medications. Some drugs used to treat prostate problems, for example, block DHT. Men on these drugs often find that their baldness stops getting worse (though they don’t grow any new hair). On the other hand, men given testosterone supplements often find their hair loss accelerating.

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