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‘Do workout supplements work or waste your money?’

‘Do workout supplements work or waste your money?’

Jordan is a fit guy in his mid-20s who wants to know how to get healthier. He hears a lot about supplements and multivitamins from guys at the gym. He wants to know from Harry, do they really work?

My advice:

Be careful, Jordan. The gym is a funny place. A lot of people inject themselves with testosterone and take steroids. You’ve got to be careful at the gym. A lot of rumors and lies fly around.

It depends on what you want. You want lean mass? You’re probably asking about protein powder and protein shakes, right? The best protein powder shake is the one that has illegal testosterone in it. My point is, you often don’t know what’s in the stuff. I wouldn’t take anything. A lot of these supplements don’t do anything.

The most important part about losing weight is diet, not building muscle. If you’re working out and not building muscle, your testosterone might be low. So you’ve got to go to the doctor to have your testosterone checked out. That’s a common issue I see in my practice.

If your testosterone is fine, it might just be your body type. Everyone has a body type. Not everyone can look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You don’t get to look like that from eating your vegetables, you get that way from taking steroids.

A lot of what I see going on with men right now is body dysmorphic disorder. They want to look a certain way. I don’t want you to have a six-pack. You’re supposed to have a little fat. I want you to be healthy, but I don’t want you to be obsessive about it.

Here’s what you should do before you go to the gym: drink a lot of water. Drink two 16 ounce bottles. During your workout, eat an apple. Your sugar-level really drops when you’re working out. You’ll be able to squeeze out an extra set of reps.

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