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Do sex toys work?

Do sex toys work?

What about more creative and deliberate ways to enhance the penis? I know that some guys like to spice up their penile repertoire with things like cock rings or penis pumps. Do these things really work?


Depends on what you mean by “work.” Vacuum devices and pumps are actually valid tools that some guys use for erectile problems. They put their penises in the tube, the air is sucked out (either by manual pumping or with a little battery-powered pump), their penis enlarges to its erect size, and then they slip a rubber ring onto the base of the penis to trap the blood inside. Cock rings do the same thing, except they come in a bewildering array of colors, shapes, and materials. They all serve the same purpose: As long as the blood is trapped in the penis, the penis stays erect.

But there are some important things to think about here. One is that a tight ring of any kind around the base of the penis is going to compress the urethra-the tube that carries the semen. The rubber rings used with prescription-grade vacuum devices typically have a little notch on the bottom specifically designed to avoid crushing the urethra. Sex-toy-grade cock rings usually lack this feature, which can be a problem. Rings without a urethral notch-or any ring that fits too snugly-can block the exit of semen. The semen may be forced backward in the urethra, up into the bladder. This “retrograde ejaculation” can be painful, though in most cases it isn’t dangerous. The semen is expelled with urine the next time the guy goes to the bathroom.

Think about this. Have you ever taken a rubber band and tied it around your finger? Notice how the part that’s constricted get slightly bloated and purplish from the blood that filled up there? When you trap blood in the penis with a ring, it cools off. Also, since the blood is trapped only in the penis itself and not in the spongy “roots” of the penis, the penis is floppy. And a cold, floppy penis…well, you get the picture.

Cock rings vary. Some encircle just the base of the penis, and some are designed just to encircle the head. Some encircle the penis and base of the testicles, or just the testicles. Some incorporate vibrators of one sort or another that are designed to stimulate the man or his partner or both. Regardless of the design, it is prudent to select a ring with some kind of quick-release feature, because getting even a rubber ring off of an engorged penis can be difficult and/or painful. A warning: Falling asleep with a cock ring on can also be dangerous. Cock ring users should keep in mind that any pain, discomfort, or feeling of coldness in the genitals is a signal to take the cock ring off. Cock rings must not be used by those who have cardiovascular problems, by diabetics, or by those who take any blood thinning medications.

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