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‘Do penis pumps really work?’

‘Do penis pumps really work?’

Corey (60, 230 lbs., 6’5”) recently read an article saying that the penis pump industry is worth $250 million. He has erectile dysfunction and is wondering how effective they are in treating this problem, and if he should be trying one to increase the size of his penis and his stamina in bed.

My Advice:

Cain, I think you should be caring less about extending the length of your penis, and more about losing a few pounds. You probably have low testosterone and could have heart issues. As I always say, what’s bad for the heart is bad for the penis.

You are asking me a simple question: “Is there a simple cure for erectile dysfunction, and can I use a pump to fix this problem?”

A penis pump moves more blood to the penis, and then puts a ring around the base of penis to trap the blood, keeping it erect. It’s not the safest thing to use though, and it creates a floppy, cold-to-the-touch penis. And the pumps do not enlarge your penis—they just make it erect. There are much safer and more effective ways to deal with erectile dysfunction.

I hate to say this, but you really need to be losing weight. I promise that if you get healthier, you’ll solve your erectile dysfunction and won’t need to invest in a penis pump at all. This means you need to get your testosterone levels up. I promise that if you can do this, you’ll experience much better and longer-lasting erections.

So go to your doctor first and check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If your testosterone is low, we’ll give you testosterone. But you need to get in good shape.

You’re still young, you don’t want to be putting a rubber band around your penis in order to have sex. You have a good 35 years ahead of you, and you should be having the best times of your life right now.

Remember my mantra: no breads, pizza, pasta, cookies or cake because that’s not food. Eat anything else, from fish to chicken to potatoes. If you don’t add sugar or salt, you will lose weight.

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