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Do penis pumps really work?

Do penis pumps really work?

Yes and no.  Pumps can create an erection.  But they cannot create an erection that is any larger than normal, and they can’t permanently lengthen your penis.  The only people who should be using a penis pump are those with a prescription for a medically-approved device. These devices work by creating a partial vacuum, which draws blood into the penis, engorging and expanding it to its normal length when erect. An elastic band is then slipped around the base of the penis, preventing blood from flowing back into the body.  The resulting “erection” tends to be “floppy” because the “root” of the penis is not engorged with blood.  For those with serious erectile dysfunction, this kind of erection may be a lot better than no erection.  But if you have normal erections, stay away from pumps. You could seriously damage your penis. Instead, learn to better use what Mother Nature gave you.

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