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“Do men wake up wanting to have sex?”

“Do men wake up wanting to have sex?”

I know many guys tend to be at their most “robust” first thing in the morning, regardless of age. Why is that? Does this mean they wake up wanting to have sex?

Harry’s Advice:

“Many hormone levels in humans (and in other animals) vary on a daily basis. Testosterone levels vary as well, with peak levels tending to occur in the early morning, dropping significantly by mid-afternoon. This is an average, of course-some men’s “cycles” will be flatter than others. And younger guys may not notice anything because their T levels are high enough that they’re basically horny all the time. But this daily “wave” of testosterone can become more apparent with time. Maybe you should learn to surf!

Guys often wake up with erections because they’ve been sleeping with erections. Technically, this is called nocturnal penile tumescence. On a typical night, a guy will have a series of erections having nothing to do with his dreams. (Though, of course, men have sexual dreams, and these dreams can certainly induce erections and/or ejaculations.) These erections are the body’s way of keeping the penis healthy.

In its normal flaccid state, a penis doesn’t get much blood flow. It can’t; otherwise it would be erect-and that’s just not a very comfortable or handy state to be in all day. To keep the penis flaccid, the arteries leading into it are shut down to a trickle. That means there’s not a lot of oxygen getting to the tissues and not a good current of blood to remove metabolic waste products.

Nature’s solution? Open up the valves at night and flush the system with nice, fresh blood. Typically, the guy is oblivious while this housecleaning is going on-just one of the many ways our bodies take care of themselves without us having to worry about every little detail.”

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