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Do I need testosterone supplements or is there another reason why I’m tired?

Do I need testosterone supplements or is there another reason why I’m tired?

Mike’s energy level isn’t where it once was. He still plays basketball every once in a while, but he isn’t as athletic as he was when he was younger. He’s heard commercials about low testosterone and testosterone supplements and he wants to know, how well do they work and will they benefit him?


Harry’s advice:

Mike, you’re bringing up an appointment point. The only way you’ll know if you have low testosterone is if you get your testosterone level checked. So, go to your doctor and have him or her test your testosterone. Specifically have him or her check your free testosterone. That’s not testosterone you get for free, that’s the testosterone that you need for energy.

People who have low testosterone have low energy and low sex drive. The number one symptom of low testosterone is low energy, so that’s the first warning sign. However, you could have medical problems other than low testosterone. Diabetes can also cause lethargy. Get your glucose levels checked by your doctor.

The number one reason why people are tired is, get this… they don’t get enough sleep. It’s as simple as that. People need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. You may be sleep deprived. Snoring and sleep apnea can also lead to loss of sleep without you being aware that you’re losing sleep.

I don’t know how well natural testosterone replacement supplements work, so I can’t recommend those. Some simple things you can do: go to your local vitamin shop and get some fish oils, eat carbs every now and then, and get a supplement called Nettle. Nettle has been shown to be an effective supplement when treading hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, constipation, headache, urinary tract problems and many other health issues.

Mike, next time you go to your doctor I want you to find out your “five numbers.” There are five numbers you need to know about your health. They are your glucose level – to see if you’re diabetic, your testosterone, blood pressure, cholesterol – to check for heart disease, and your PSA – prostate-specific antigen, to check your prostate health. You won’t know if it’s your testosterone level that’s making you tired until you go see your doctor.

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