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Do I have to meet my girlfriend’s religious parents?

Do I have to meet my girlfriend’s religious parents?

Lemz, 28, from Salt Lake City, Utah, has been dating his girlfriend for a year and a half. She wants him to meet her parents, but he feels like he’s not ready. Her parents are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he says that they’re close-minded. He was baptized Mormon, but he’s not practicing. He thinks her parents won’t like him. Can he keep his girlfriend while shutting out her parents?

Harry’s advice:

Your worried about what your girlfriend’s religious parents will think of you because you’re not a practicing Mormon and you have tattoos, but obviously your girlfriend isn’t worried, or doesn’t care what they think, or she wouldn’t want you to meet them. Your girlfriend likes you because you’re not like her parents. You’re your own man and you’re strong-willed. She wants to see how you’ll act around her parents. She wants you to be respectful, but also to stand up for yourself.

Lemz, let me tell you right now, your girlfriend is testing you. She wants you to have backbone and to be the man that you are. If her parents say something disrespectful to you because they don’t like your lifestyle, you need to tell them that, in a polite way.

She wants to get married in the Church, but you don’t. You’re on different ends of the spectrum of the Mormon religion. When couples have different religious backgrounds, it makes the relationship that much more difficult. But you’re lucky because you were born into the same religion. You have to compromise with your girlfriend. You have no choice. You could give in to getting married in the Mormon temple. I don’t think that’s such a big deal. You’d be doing it for her and that’s true love. But you need to have a real discussion about how you want to raise your kids. You need to decide what’s a non-
negotiable for you. But, don’t be so stubborn.

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