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Do I have to go on welfare to get health insurance?

Do I have to go on welfare to get health insurance?

John coughs so much he’s broken 8 or 9 ribs just from coughing too hard. He was in a car accident a year ago and broke 4 vertebrae in his back. He can hardly walk anymore. With unemployment split between his healthcare bills and child support, he’s got nothing
left. Does John have to go on welfare to get health insurance?

Harry’s advice:

I feel like crying after hearing your story. Don’t throw yourself under a bus. This is how crazy the system is. They want you to lose your job so you’ll go on unemployment and go on welfare and get Medicare. How crazy of a system is this?

You’re killing yourself trying to work. You’re a real person. You remove asbestos for a living without proper protection. You can’t even walk up a flight of stairs. It’s exactly people like you who show us why we need Obamacare, the healthcare overhaul.

This is the greatest country in the world. We’re providing healthcare for other countries. We’re building hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan. What about our own people?

The system has got to change. When a working man, a father of a veteran, can’t get healthcare, the system has got to change. They can’t just tell you that you’ve got to go on welfare.

However, if that’s the only way you’re going to get healthcare, you’ve got to give it some serious consideration. It’s unbelievable that that’s the only way, but that might be it for now. It’s crazy that you have to get your medication, like your inhaler, under the table from a friend of yours.

I hear what you’re saying and you keep working if you can. But, you might have to listen to what they’re saying and go on welfare to get the kind of care that you need. It feels ridiculous to say this, but you may have to quit your job to get health insurance.

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