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“Do some guys really have minuscule penises?”

“Do some guys really have minuscule penises?”

What about guys with incredibly teeny penises? Do some guys really have minuscule penises, or is this just urban legend or wishful 20/20 hindsight?

Yes, tiny penises do exist. The medical term is “microphallus,” which pretty much sums it up. Men with penises that are shorter than 1 ½ inches long when flaccid and shorter than 3 inches when erect have a valid reason to worry. A penis this small may simply make intercourse difficult or impossible. The guy will constantly be “popping out” of the vagina. Incidentally, this isn’t just a problem for romance; if a guy can’t have sex with a woman, he can’t father children either (without assistance). So it’s a real problem…but it’s also a rare problem. Much less common than most men think.

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