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Do aphrodisiacs work?

Do aphrodisiacs work?

Is there really such thing as an aphrodisiac?

Yes and no. Ever heard of the placebo effect? That’s when an inert substance or procedure produces real results because of the strong belief of the person taking the substance or submitting to the procedure. The placebo effect works- it is demonstrated practically every week in scientific studies of drug effectiveness. People will report being relieved of their depression or anxiety, for example, even though they’ve been taking a sugar pill. So if a man eats oysters and believes they’re going to make him a real stud, there’s every chance that he’ll “perform” differently. In that sense-and that sense only-aphrodisiacs work. The list of alleged aphrodisiacs is very long, of course, and includes things such as powered rhinoceros horn, dried tiger penis, and the crushed shells of certain beetles (aka “Spanish fly”). None of these has proven to have any independent effect on sexual desire or ability-aside from the placebo effect, that is.

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