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David Wygant on why you should care less to date more

David Wygant on why you should care less to date more

Dating and relationship expert David Wygant sits down to talk with Harry about men and women. Are men messing up relationships or are women? And, why do guys try too hard on dates?

Harry: Tell me, is it men who need advice or women?

David: I think they both do. I think they’re equally to blame.

Harry: What’s the most common mistake they make?

David: The most common mistake is that they care too much.

Harry: Care too much?

David: They care too much about meeting somebody and being exposed for who they really are. So people give this watered down version of themselves on a date, a perfect version that doesn’t exist. They don’t talk about certain things, and they just care too much about the outcome.

Harry: They’re not extemporaneous; they’re not quick with answers. They’re pre-planned.

David: Men are more pre-planned than women. Guys will tell me they’re going on a date and will ask me for five things to talk about. I don’t know because I’m not on the date. I ask them what they know about the girl; most of the time they don’t know anything.

Harry: I guess it’s like a job interview. You want to know everything you can about the person you’re going out with just like you would on a job interview.

David: But guys sometimes go into Larry King mode with the questions—they just keep talking and telling the same stories over and over again. And they don’t listen when the woman talks.

Harry: My line is, you know a woman has finished talking when her lips stop moving.

David: Isn’t that the truth.

Harry: Guys have to practice talking to women. We’re not used to it.

David: People are so worried about whether other people like them. I ask them, do you like yourself? That’s all that matters. No one is going to like you if you don’t like yourself. You need respect for yourself and you need to like yourself in order to be good
on a date and in a relationship. You have to show some confidence.

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